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About Us

Epic Journey Media was founded by two like-minded entrepreneurs to solve and simplify complex small business networking and marketing problems.

Our journey as business partners began when we created a podcast to help one of our own businesses connect with more ideal clients and referral partners. It began as an experiment, but we quickly realized our concept had merit – we had a request for proposal from one of Charlotte’s top small business brands within the first 30 days of our podcast. We were on to something.

We also noticed another concerning trend in small business marketing – the reliance on social media platforms. Now, don’t get us wrong, we believe your business should be represented on most of the major social media platforms. We just don’t believe your business marketing should be BUILT on these platforms. Your marketing should be built on platforms that you own – Website, Email Services, Podcast, and Blog – and then distributed to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. It’s a straightforward philosophy: build your business marketing on land that you own, not rented land.

At Epic Journey Media, we are committed to helping our clients create, develop, and grow media properties that they can fully own and control. We believe in eliminating the complex algorithms that come between you and your ideal clients. We believe in marketing that forms deeper connections, establishes meaningful relationships, and elevates you to the status of the most recognized expert in your market.

The best time to start building these media properties for your firm was 10 years ago. The 2nd-best time is right now. Book a 20-minute call with us to see if our methodology is a right fit for your business.

Marketing is a journey – make it Epic!

Success is a Journey

Make it EPIC!