Charlotte Drone Photography & Video Services

Professional Drone Photography and Video Services in Charlotte, NC

Serving the Charlotte Metro area with affordable and high-quality drone photography and video services for local small businesses!

Local businesses looking for professional drone photography and video services in Charlotte, NC have a new choice – Epic Journey Media. Epic Journey Media is FAA-licensed and insured for commercial drone photography and video services in North Carolina. 

We’re based in the Charlotte metro area, and local businesses can take advantage of special rates for this region.

Charlotte Aerial Photography

We provide high-resolution, professional-quality images from our drones for businesses, events, or residences around Charlotte, NC. 

Drone photos can be delivered in standard JPEG format or RAW format for advanced post-processing. We also offer automatic exposure bracketing (AEB) for stunning still photos of landscape and architecture. 

Our drone operators are FAA (Part 107) and NC-DOT licensed for commercial operations and are fully insured.

Contact us for amazing drone photography for your business, residence, or event in Charlotte.

Charlotte Drone Video

We can shoot amazing aerial videos of your business, event, or construction project around Charlotte, NC. Get HD video files up to 5.1K resolution. 

Capture your subject from any angle, and add an amazing aerial perspective to your videos!

Our Drone Services Process

1. Discovery Call

Book a FREE Zoom meeting with us to discuss your drone photography or video project. We’ll provide a quote immediately during our call.

2. Scheduling

Upon acceptance of our proposal, we’ll schedule a flight. Our team will inspect the appointed airspace ahead of time and apply for all necessary FAA flight plans and approvals.

3. Delivery of Photos and Video

Within 3 days of the photo/video shoot, all photography and video footage will be available for the client to download. 24-hour rush services are available.

4. Photo and Video Processing

We also offer enhanced processing of your drone photos and video before delivery. This can be helpful for clients who do not have photo processing capability (Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop) or video processing (Adobe Premier Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro.)

How can we help you?

We specialize in enhancing your marketing through vivid aerial imagery. Discover how drone photography and video can elevate your business online.

Residential Real Estate Drone Photography & Video

Real estate listings that feature drone photography sell 62% faster than those without. 

Aerial photos capture a unique perspective of the property, including the surrounding landscape. 

Aerial photography of a listing will also increase engagement on social media.

Drone photo Lake Norman Real Estate

Drone Photography & Video for Small Businesses

Help your local business stand apart on the web and social media with high-quality drone photography. 

Add this perspective to your website and social media accounts for longer page view times and more engagement.

Drone photography for small businesses

Drone Photography & Video for Construction Sites

Catalog and document the progress of your construction project with amazing aerial drone photography and video footage. 

Purchase a media package at a generous discount for coverage of the complete construction process, from groundbreaking to closing.

Drone Photography & Video for Outdoor Events

We can help make your next corporate outdoor event an even more memorable experience with beautiful aerial photography and video. 

The FAA has specific rules regarding drone operations near groups, so make sure to hire a professional (like us) to ensure your imagery is captured legally and safely.

Drone photo of Peninsula Yacht Club boat show

Trust your Drone Services to the Charlotte Experts!

We’re a national marketing agency, but we’re based in the Charlotte metro area. We offer our drone services throughout the Southeast. 

In addition to great aerial photography, we offer decades of digital marketing expertise that you can leverage to get the most from the photos and video we provide for you.

Adding aerial imagery to your website, social media, blog posts, and YouTube channel will level up the impact of your marketing. We’re not just guessing here – we can prove it.

Let us show you the impact drone photography and video has had on our marketing projects around Charlotte and throughout North Carolina. There’s a good chance we can share ideas that you haven’t considered yet.

FAQs for Charlotte Drone Photography and Videography

What are your rates for drone photography/videography services?

Our fees are affordable for small businesses. We quote each project individually. Various factors include:

  • Location of the shoot
  • Duration of the project
  • Photography/Video or both
  • Number of photos or length of video files required
Are your drone operators licensed and insured?

Yes, our drone operators are licensed and insured for commercial drone operations. In addition, our drone operators are skilled photographers who know how to get the perfect images for your project.

How long does it take to receive the final photos/videos?

You’ll receive your raw and unedited photos and video files within 24 hours. If you require editing, turnaround time will be longer and can vary depending on the scope of the editing project.

What happens if the weather is bad on the scheduled day?

Licensed drone operators must follow safety protocols which include wind and weather considerations. The fulfillment of all drone operations is subject to weather conditions.

Do you have the capability to shoot in 4K or high resolution?

Yes! All of our camera drones shoot in 4K and we can deliver your footage in any resolution between 1080p HD and 5.1K.

Do you have the capability to shoot in 4K or high resolution?

Yes! All of our camera drones shoot in 4K and we can deliver your footage in any resolution between 1080p HD and 5.1K.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Client testimonial

Safe Harbor Peninsula Yacht Club

“We’ve hired Epic Journey Media several times to capture amazing drone photos and video of our outdoor events, including a recent corporate party and a sailing regatta!”

Client testimonial

Meredyth H. - Realtor

“Jeff at Epic Journey Media has filmed several videos for us to promote local real estate in the Lake Norman area. He has great communication and attention to detail!”

Client testimonial

Chris B. - Event Venues

“We invited Epic Journey Media out to shoot a quick video tour of the exterior of our property. The video and photos from the drone turned out awesome! Great work!”