Huntersville NC Website Design

Expert Website Design Services in Huntersville, NC

Epic Journey Media is a WordPress Website Design Company that serves Huntersville, NC. We specialize in creating websites for small businesses and professional services firms.

Single Page Website

Starting at $997

  • Our JourneyBrand layout
  • Clean design
  • Sales copy & calls to action
  • Flawless mobile experience
  • Easily expandable

WordPress Website

Starting at $2,997

  • Multiple-page website
  • SEO built-in
  • Google analytics included
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Our JourneyBrand layout

Website Support

Starting at $47/mo

  • Reliable & fast hosting
  • Security monitoring
  • Speed testing
  • Software updates
  • Technical support

What story does your current website tell? Reach out to us for a free JourneyBrand website audit!

Our Huntersville, NC Website Design Philosophy

Your Huntersville small business deserves a website that is professional, well-designed, and most importantly – guides visitors toward contacting you.

A great business website doesn’t just show the world what you do, it tells a story about the real hero in your business: the client.

From the homepage to the services pages, to the contact forms, your website should guide visitors to only one logical conclusion – book an appointment.

We call it Journey Brand. It’s a story, your client is the hero, and you’re their trusted guide. 

Websites for Huntersville Service Professionals

Your Huntersville business is special. You’re not only the owner, but you’re the skilled provider that’s serving your clients every day. What works for an e-commerce business, a local brick-and-mortar retail shop, a restaurant, or a brewery isn’t going to work for your business.

Your business specializes in important work, and your clients depend on you. Bigger tickets, higher trust, and longer-term relationships are what separates your business from the others.

We specialize in designing websites for precisely your kind of business. How do we know? Because we run the same type of business ourselves, and we’re a lot like you.

Our Website Design Process

Working with us is simple. We follow a specific strategy to design the perfect website for your small business, utilizing all of your existing brand assets and guidelines.

We’ll implement your brand colors, help you craft crystal clear messaging, and crank out compelling calls-to-action that will light your inbox on fire.

Here’s how it goes:

1. Discovery Call

This is free. We’ll carve 60 minutes out of the calendar to join you on a Zoom call to discuss the current state of your online presence and business goals.

2. Analysis

We’ll provide immediate feedback on ways to improve your website. Copywriting, imagery, SEO, brand message… we’ll advise you on the best next steps. 

This is free advice for you to use as you wish. Whether you hire us or not, you’ll find our insights extremely valuable and can implement them any way you choose.

3. Proposal

Within 24 hours of our discovery call, we’ll provide a quote for your new website design – fully itemized and detailed. 

4. Approval

Upon acceptance of our proposal, we’ll get to work on your new website. It will be completed within the specified time frame determined in advance (typically 2 weeks).

5. Delivery Guarantee

We’ll deliver your website on time  – guaranteed.

We’re Huntersville, NC partners you can rely on!

Helping you build a successful business in Huntersville, NC is our mission. We’re more than a marketing agency – we’re partners you can count on to be there when you need us. Let’s get started building your empire!

About our Website Designs for Huntersville Small Businesses

Built on WordPress

WordPress is the world’s most robust content management platform and excels at publishing the most popular forms of digital content.

WordPress websites have access to thousands of 3rd party tools, plug-ins, and enhancements.

After 20 years, WordPress remains the best platform for small business website design.

Fast Hosting

One of the advantages of building your website on a WordPress platform is the ability to choose the fastest and most reliable hosting services.

The speed of your website is critically important to ranking high in Google searches, and having the flexibility to choose reliable, fast, and economical hosting services is a big advantage for your business.

Powerful Plugins

“There’s a plugin for that.” The availability of advanced third-party applications (called plugins) that enhance and optimize a website is a huge advantage in building your website on a WordPress platform.

We install and use professional-grade plugins that help increase SEO, enhance security, and increase the speed of your website.

Plugins can also make it possible for us to integrate your preferred scheduling, billing, or e-commerce provider into your new WordPress site. 

Leads and Sales

Your website should be your top-performing salesperson!

Our website designs funnel visitors who are ready to hire you into your inbox, a Zoom meeting, or a phone call.

The best part – your website works 24/7, and never takes a day off.

FAQ’s for Huntersville, NC Small Business Website Design Services

1. How much does a website design cost?

Our websites start at $2,997. This includes 6 pages: Homepage, About Us, Contact Us, and 3 Service Pages.

Available options for larger projects include additional service pages, product pages, blogs, podcasts, video library, and landing pages.

2. How long does it take to design and launch a website?

Your new website will be live within 14 days from the date we receive your deposit.

Before receiving your deposit, we’ll collect images, webpage descriptions, and any code from a 3rd party that we’ll need to embed into your new site.

3. Can you customize websites to fit specific business needs?

Yes! Our websites are designed for professional service businesses and boutique brands that serve specific local markets.

We follow a proven formula for website design that optimizes lead generation and sales for your business. We customize your website to fit your business goals and objectives.

4. Do you offer website hosting and domain services?

Yes! Fast and reliable hosting is included in the monthly maintenance fee. We can also secure a domain name for your website. We’ll manage the domain name, but you’ll own it.

5. Will my website be mobile-friendly and responsive?

Absolutely! More than 60% of website traffic now comes from mobile devices. Your website will be fully optimized for mobile and designed for a positive user experience.

6. Can you assist with SEO and improving my website’s visibility on search engines?

Of course. SEO management is our primary line of work and the reason we design websites for small businesses. 

7. What kind of ongoing support and maintenance do you offer after the website goes live?

Included in our website maintenance plan is reliable ongoing maintenance and technical support.

We want to be your partner in growing your business, and we’re here for you every step of the way.

We also specialize in…

Website Design Services for Huntersville Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents who want to stand out in the Huntersville, NC market and be recognized above their competition need a custom website that fits their unique brand. 

Realtor websites do more than generate leads and sell services, they tell a story about you, your community, and the clients you serve. If you hang your license with a large firm, chances are the website they are providing for you doesn’t tell the whole story. 

It probably doesn’t even tell part of the story. The corporate website is there to promote the real estate company, and hundreds if not thousands of affiliated agents.

Other problems with corporate websites are that they usually offer a poor user experience for your clients, and offer little to no SEO for your personal brand.

A beautiful and functional website is the best way for you to stand apart from your local competition. 

Website Design Services for Huntersville, NC Contractors & Home Service Businesses

Home service businesses and residential contractors in Huntersville, NC need beautiful and functional websites to attract new clients. Whether prospects are finding you through a Google search or were referred to you by a friend, your website is probably the first place they’ll visit to learn about your business.

It only takes a few seconds to make an impression, and you want to make the most of that time by making the best impression possible.

Plus, your website should guide prospects toward the decision to contact you. Otherwise, you’re wasting the valuable opportunity your website could provide for your business.