The Ultimate Sales Funnel for Real Estate Agents

Sales and marketing funnels for Realtors that generate more leads and more new clients – guaranteed.

The Complete Sales Funnel for Real Estate Agents

What’s included:

Landing Pages

  • Custom WordPress website
  • Personalized to you
  • Fully branded & compliant
  • Unlimited updates
  • Built-in SEO

Email Marketing

  • Professional Email Account
  • Email list growth strategy
  • Opt-in forms for web & social
  • Custom newsletter
  • Sales email sequences

Lead Magnets

  • High Value Content Offers
  • Growing your email list
  • Original content
  • Templates that work in any market
  • Customized for your brand

Email Sequences

  • Weekly emails (22 weeks)
  • More free value for your prospects
  • Nurturing to build trust
  • Demonstrating your expertise
  • Keeping prospects engaged

Sales Page

  • Bottom of the FUNNEL
  • Clear call to action (CTA)
  • Custom landing page (website)
  • High conversion rates
  • HOT leads direct to your inbox!

Ads & Traffic

  • Top of the FUNNEL
  • Ads that generate opt-ins & leads
  • Google (paid or organic)
  • Facebook Ads 
  • Direct Mail & EDDM

The Big Question: What does a Real Estate Sales Funnel cost?

Depending on how competitive your local market is, you can expect to invest $18,000-27,000 for one of our fully automated real estate sales funnels.

A typical campaign results in a conversion of 175-250 leads, and 9-17 home listings and sales.

What about that $0 Sales Funnel offer we mentioned?

If you’ve never implemented a highly successful sales funnel in your real estate business, you may refer to put all the risk on us.

No problem at all.

After a quick and easy application process, we can sign a basic marketing agreement which gives us permission to market your real estate business on your behalf.

You pay absolutely ZERO up-front costs.

We’ll build the funnel and generate the leads. We’ll forward all the leads to you. We’ll even assist you in vetting the leads and prioritizing the leads that are ready for a listing appointment.

After you’ve won the listing and closed the transaction, you can pay us a referral commission.

(We’re licensed real estate brokers, too.)

NOTE: This offer is not available to all Real Estate Agents & Brokers. Applicants must meet minimum sales performance criteria for the previous 2 years.

Want more information about building a productive Sales Funnel for your Real Estate business?

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